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Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is composed of four highly distinguished and accomplished leaders from the university, private sector, public sector, and diplomatic corps who provide insight and guidance to the Kigali Council on Foreign Relations's team.


The Global Advisors Council

The GAC consists of prominent individuals from the public and private sectors from all over the world. The prestigious group provides intellectual guidance to the Kigali Council on Foreign Relations.


The Ambassadors Council

The Dean of the Ambassador's Council leads our team in strengthening the relationship with the international and diplomatic community.


The CEO's Council

For one year, the Chair of the CEO's Council presides over our business community's events with our staff's support, led by the Managing Director of the CEO's Council.


The Entrepreneurs Council

For two years, the chair oversees the recruitment and events for the Entrepreneurs Council.


The Leaders of Tomorrow

The chair leads the engagement of young professionals in our programs and events.

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