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Other Programs


Our events offer unique access to leaders in the public and private sector from around the world. Each year KCFR organizes events, lectures, briefings, roundtables, workshops, and conferences that engage our community on pressing international issues of the day.

CEO's Council

Our Business roundtable is a membership council open to all business leaders with a presence in Rwanda. The Council provides a unique platform only for business leaders to engage, network, and exchange ideas and learn from each through regular discussions among the members and our speakers. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between business leaders.

The Entrepreneurs Council

The EC is a hub for peer networking and educational opportunities with inspirational business leaders. The membership is open to all young entrepreneurs.


Youth in Diplomacy Fellowship

Youth in diplomacy is a program that educates young people about global issues, enabling them with the skills they need to lead in their communities and globally.

The Kigali Summit for South-South Cooperation


The Kigali Summit for South-South Cooperation is an international conference, which will be held once a year in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, and in New York City during the General Assembly of the United Nations, with a goal to exchange knowledge between developing countries and to discuss home growing solutions and initiative to pressing global problems.  

They are many venues and formats in the international system where countries come together, but there was a lack of a suitable format for just the Global south to share and explore ideas and solutions to strengthening cooperation among them.

We believe South-South cooperation and experience sharing is key to achieving Sustainable Development Goals, economic growth, and sustainable development

The Summit convenes governments, businesses, intergovernmental organizations, civil society, and academic leaders to share tools in our efforts to achieve common progress.

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